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Types of Testing:

Cheating in a relationship
Family issues - Infidelity
Alcohol use / Drug use
Theft / Robbery / Burglary

Civil and court matters
Immigration & Asylum

lie-detection in Newport Beach



Relationship and
criminal polygraph
lie-detector tests

in Newport Beach

polygraph test in Newport Beach
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No more doubts: the truth takes about one hour.

The US Government uses more polygraphs in a day than everyone else combined. And in California, you can not become a police officer without passing a polygraph examination, no matter how good a man oe woman you are. Now: you can use this same technology to solve your own private issues.

Preparing for the exam is important. You can choose 1 to 4 questions that you would like to know the true answer to. Those questions will be the core of the examination. We will surround your questions with many others, mostly 'known truth' questions such as 'Is today Monday?'.

Your person will be instructed to sit still, and to answer only with only one word: Yes or No. To prevent any misunderstanding, all of the questions will be discussed with the examinee before starting the exam, making sure that all can be answered with a solid Yes or No, thus eliminating shock, surprise or confusion.

lie detector test in Newport Beach California

Anyone can be tested, and nervousness does NOT affect the results. Call us to discuss the best way to word your questions.

You will have the complete truth and stop the lies.  Visit here:) CertifiedPolygraph.com

Newport Beach lie detector

YOU CAN WATCH THE ENTIRE PROCESS: in most cases, the client can quietly monitor the exam.

polygraph test in Newport Beach California

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